Zachary Roseman

– Law Clerk

Zach has worked at Kenneth Roseman, P.A. since 2018. He will graduate from Widener University Delaware Law School in May 2025. Zach is currently ranked Ist in his class and has received Certificates of Achievements in Property II. Constitutional Law II, Contracts I, Contracts II, Civil Procedure II, Professional Responsibility, Legal Methods III, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Personal Injury Skills. Zach was chosen to serve on the Executive Board of Widener Law Review as the Articles Editor for Volume 31. In 2023, Zach was a Judicial Intern for The Honorable Judge Eric M. Davis of the Superior Court of Delaware.

As a law clerk at Kenneth Roseman, P. A., Zach possesses a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of legal principles. He meticulously examines case law, statutes, and regulations to provide critical insights needed to make informed decisions and develop effective legal strategies.

After graduation from Widener University Delaware Law School, Zach will take the Delaware Bar Exam in July 2025.

Upon passing the Delaware Bar Exam, Zach will return to Kenneth Roseman. P.A. as a partner.

Zachary Roseman